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    Friendly local property surveyors, offering energy certificates for both residential and commercial properties along with floor plans and inventories.

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Energy Certificates

Market your property fast...

EPC now is a local company allowing us to focus more on our customers, making sure they get the best possible service. We understand selling or renting a property is a stressful time and it is now law that you have a EPC ordered before you begin to market your property. Therefore we ensure all our certificates are delivered within 24-48 hours.

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Floor Plans

Enhance your property marketing...

A floor plan helps your property to sell. It is well known that a floor plan increases the number of viewings and also the quality of those viewings because viewers already know the sizes in the property. Our floor plan service starts from just £15 and have a number of different features that can make you stand out from the rest. Call for more information.

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Protect your property and your tenants..

A property inventory protects both the landlord and tenant, it acts as a condition report of the rented property. It is best practice to get this done by a third party company like ourselves as we have no relation or opinion to side with either party. Our inventories come with extensive detail and images. Call for more information.

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Latest Articles

How To Get An Energy Certificate?

How To Get An Energy Certificate? thumbnail

Moving homes, whether that be selling or renting your property can be a stressful time. Sometimes it can be quite daunting. The thought of having to get a Energy certificate can be another thing that you could view as stressful. But it need not be stressful. An EPC certificate is required by law on construction, […]

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What is a EPC Certificate?

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An energy certificate otherwise known as a EPC certificate is the Governments way of complying with the Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPBD). The purpose is to simply record how energy efficient a certain house or property is. An EPC Certificate will give you a rating of the energy efficiency and CO2 emissions of the […]

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Trade Clients

EPC Now also offer our services to other property professionals. We understand what it is like working in a busy office where you have a number of properties to manage. Use us to lighten your workload. We offer competitive flexible pricing on all our services, including energy certificates, floor plans, commercial energy certificates and inventories.

Why Choose Us?

Competitive prices, helpful advice, great customer support and fantastic product. Being a local company we understand exactly what our customers need. We use the latest simple technology to complete the property visits swiftly and turn around reports in 24-48 hours. This keeps things moving smoothly throughout your property sale or rental.

About Us

EPC-Now is based in Southport providing many property services, such as Energy Certificates, Floor Plans, Inventories and Commercial Energy Certificates. Our goal is simple to provide the best service at the most competitive prices. We even offer a price match guarantee for all our services. Call us today on 07766 951855 to find out more about our services.

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